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A Community For You!

As a community, we are parks and recreation professionals who are life-long learners, passionate about engaging people of all ages through physical activity and social interaction, we value open space, parks, and conservation and know the benefits for everyone to spend time outdoors. This community advocates for equitable, universal spaces and activities in our NC communities. 

NCRPA members drive the mission of NCRPA by volunteering for key roles within the association. We develop workshops, courses, and a conference to create meaningful experiences for you to connect, learn and grow. We advocate and give you the tools to tell the story of parks and recreation as an essential service for all NC communities. We provide opportunities for you to lead, share your knowledge and foster the future for all NC parks and recreation professionals. We create and maintain partnerships to support career advancement, recreation program development, equity, to build and maintain parks and much more.

NCRPA empowers park and recreation professionals and advisory board members through educational opportunities that enhance their ability to change lives and impact communities on a daily basis for the people of North Carolina.

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