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TR Conference
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NCRPA TR Conference

The NCRPA TR Conference will be held February 24-26, 2019 in Burlington, NC. The committee is looking for innovative sessions related to topics in the community recreation setting. Interactive and hands-on sessions are always encouraged. 

Important Information:

  • All materials must be submitted online.
  • All submissions will be notified by email by 1/4/2019 as to their acceptance.
  • Conference sessions are 90 minutes in length for .15 continuing education units.
  • A copy of your professional resume and a brief outline of the proposed presentation are required for CEU approval. They should be attached to this form to be approved.
  • The description you enter on this form for your session will appear exactly as written in the conference program. Limit 100 words
  • Please complete all information related to equipment needs, room set-up, & contact information to ensure proper set-up during conference time. 

Session Proposal Checklist:

  • Completion of ‘Call for Presenters and CEU Application’ online.
  • Resume for each presenter, indicating knowledge of topic - submitted on this form
  • Brief outline of presentation - submitted on this form
  • All materials submitted by noon on Monday, December 17th, 2018. 

No hand-written proposals will be accepted. 

Process for Approving CEU Sessions
All training and workshop review and approval to offer CEU credit will be handled through the NCRPA office. An application to offer CEU’s must include:

Need Identification – a clear statement about why the workshop is being offered and how the need was identified.
Learning Outcomes – a statement about the educational objectives of the workshop. (When writing the learning outcomes, verbs which are not observable and measurable cannot be used. Suggested verbs include: count, define, describe, identify, list, name, outline, quote, read, recall, recognize, reproduce, state, write, discuss, estimate, give examples, predict and summarize.)


CEU Criteria include:
1. Activity is planned in response to educational needs identified for target audience; 2. Activity has clear, concise, and measurable, written statements of intended learning outcomes; 3. Qualified instructional personnel are involved in planning and conducting each activity; 4. Content and instructional methods are appropriate for the intended learning outcomes of each activity; 5. Participants must demonstrate their attainment of the learning outcomes; and, 6. The participants evaluate each learning activity.

Speakers – a resume or vita for each speaker. Include name, agency, address, title and certifications

Speakers: Maximum number of speakers is three for a 1-hour and 30 minute session and six for a 3-hour session. Please indicate if speakers are certified CPRP, CPRE, CLT, CTRS, CTRA, etc.

Proposal Form - all information/sections completed; including identified need(s). Introductory speaker bio paragraph along with resume or vita. Session Outline, with times and copy (if appropriate) of PowerPoint presentation – PowerPoint does not take the place of an outline, but is welcomed information.


Brief Program Description: (In 45 words or less, briefly describe this session.  This is your chance to talk the members into attending your program.  Please spend time on this and write it exactly as you would like it to appear in the marketing material.)

Writing Learning Outcomes/Objectives:  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

You must write three outcomes/objectives.  Please use the following words to identify what is expected of each learner.  Participants will: Define, Repeat, Record, Name, Outline, Recall, Summarize, Describe, Explain, Express, Identify, List, Recognize, Restate, Discuss, Give Examples

Outcome/Objective words to AVOID:  Know, Grasp, Understand, Improve, Appreciate, Learn, Enhance 

Writing the learner assessment:  This must be tied directly back to the learning outcomes/objectives.  Examples of assessment methods for the knowledge and comprehension levels of learning levels include questions, review, discussion, test, reports, written exercises, demonstration, case study, solve problems, evaluate.

Learner Assessment
(Provide a clear statement of how the participants will demonstrate their attainment of the learning outcomes/objectives.  How will you measure this i.e., test, case study, discuss, group project, etc.)Before the end of the session, participants will:

Resumes of all speakers listed above illustrating knowledge on the proposed topic.
Program Outline