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NCRPA News Submission Form

The NCRPA Marketing committee wants you to be part of our quarterly Recre8 North Carolina magazine by contributing articles, stories, and happenings in your community. Please take a moment and share any updates from your department for the next issue of Recre8 North Carolina. Retirements, promotions, certifications, new program ideas, facility openings, construction updates, etc


Be sure to review your article for any time-sensitive material.  Check the length of your article by using the word count feature in your software program and comply with the specified limits.. The word limit for most of these sections is 200 words.


Email up to three photos to Please name the photos to correspond with your article; example: Article name: NCRPA Builds New Park, Photos named: NCRPA Builds New Parks1,  NCRPA Builds New Parks2, etc.

-Articles not submitted through the site or with improperly tagged photos will not be accepted-

Thanks in advance for submitting an article and continuing to make YOUR magazine a publication filled with lots of updates and information from around the state!

If you would like to have a cover or editorial feature in an upcoming magazine, please contact for more details.

If you have questions, please contact the NCRPA office at 919-832-5868 or


Issue Content Due to NCRPA Delivery
Spring February 14, 2019 Early April
Summer May 16, 2019 Early July
Fall August 1, 2019 Mid-September
Winter October 17, 2019 Early December

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