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Innovative Program Award
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Innovative Program Award

PURPOSE: to recognize a program or special event for the benefits that it provides to the individual, community, economy and environment.

Staff of current NCRPA agency members. Only one program entry per agency is allowed.

Electronic submissions will only be accepted. Submission should include the following: completed application below. Narrative and appendix to be included as attachments with submission. Appendix must be 1 file. Submissions are due by Monday, August 27 at 5pm. Winner will be notified in August.

Narrative should be formatted as letter size, maximum of 3 pages, double spaced; 10 point minimum font, 1 inch margins.

APPENDIX: Combine any support materials – photos, newspaper articles, fliers, etc into ONE file to be submitted with narrative. (see below for more details)

CRITERIA: In an effort to promote the benefits of parks & recreation, please indicate/describe how this program/event contributes to the individual, community, economy and environment.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. This award is not intended for national ‘turn key’ programs unless you take the program, expand it and make it your own.

Award will be presented at the Conference Awards Luncheon during the Carolinas Joint Conference in Greensboro this September. 

Please address the following specifics in your award submission
. Use these as your section headings.

  • Community Need/Issue: What need in your community is served by this program?
  • Population Served: Who is your primary target?
  • Detailed Description: How many years has this program/event been in existence? Please explain anything unique or innovative about this program/event.
  • Program outcomes: What happened as a result of this program/event? What were the benefits to the individual, community, environment and/or economy?
  • Effectiveness in Outcomes Achieved: How did you evaluate your program and measure your success?
  • Community Involvement: Did you have any partners, volunteer support or inter-agency cooperation?
  • Funding Sources: How did you fund this program/event? (general fund, fees and charges, grant, etc.)
  • Program Sustainability: How do you plan to continue operation of this program/event?
  • Positive Public Exposure Generated: What marketing techniques did you use to promote this program/event? Were they effective?
  • Appendix: program flyers, press releases (other publicity), photos, etc. All items for the appendix MUST be combined into ONE file.

Submissions must be completed by Monday, August 27 at 5pm.