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Annual Conference Call for Presenters
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Call for Session Proposals 
Submission Deadline: 2/17/2020 @ Midnight 

Note: Sessions submitted after 2/17/20 will be placed on a wait list for consideration. Receipt of proposals will be confirmed by 2/21/2020. The speaker or session submitter will be contacted regarding acceptance or denial of the session by March 2020. 


Important Information:

  • NCRPA asks if you are submitting a proposal with others or recommending a speaker, before submitting a proposal please obtain the person's agreement. A copy of each presenter’s resume/vita is required for CEU approval. Proposals will not be considered without all résumés/vitas.
  • All sessions will be 1 hour and 15 mins. Special requests for longer sessions will be considered. 
  • The description of your session will appear exactly as written in the conference program.
  • Please complete all information related to equipment needs, room set-up and contact information to ensure proper set-up during conference time.  Classroom/theatre setup is preferred.  Other requests will be considered.
  • A red asterisk denotes a required field.
  • Preferred day and time requested is not guaranteed
  • Presentations by Commercial Entities - Any commercial company who wishes to present a session MUST be registered to exhibit in the exhibit hall at the time the speaker is accepted to present, March 2020. We require commercial presenters to invite a parks and recreation professional to join as a co-presenter in the proposed session. Each session at the NCRPA Conference is closely monitored by the conference committee and association staff to ensure that the course is conducted properly. Presenters from a commercial entity must not promote their company or products. 
    Currently employed in the field of parks and recreation in the State of NC- not eligible for honorarium, but can request payment for direct expenses such as supplies.
    Currently employed in the field of parks and recreation outside the State of NC– eligible for honorarium, speakers may request honorariums to cover the expense of speaking and travel. Please take this into consideration when providing the amount.
    Professional speakers - eligible for honorarium, speakers may request honorariums to cover the expense of speaking and travel. Please take this into consideration when providing the amount.
    Commercial Professionals/Representatives - Honorariums, Hotel Rooms, etc., are not provided to individuals speaking on behalf of a commercial entity (defined as an individual or organization that has a product or service to provide to a local government parks and recreation agency for a fee or compensation).
  • If the speaker requires compensation of any sort, that should be listed in the special considerations field below.

Brief Program Description: (In 45 words or less, briefly describe this session.  This is your chance to talk the members into attending your program.  Please spend time on this and write it exactly as you would like it to appear in the marketing material.)

Writing Learning Outcomes/Objectives:  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

You must write three outcomes/objectives.  Please use the following words to identify what is expected of each learner.  Participants will: Define, Repeat, Record, Name, Outline, Recall, Summarize, Describe, Explain, Express, Identify, List, Recognize, Restate, Discuss, Give Examples

Outcome/Objective words to AVOID:  Know, Grasp, Understand, Improve, Appreciate, Learn, Enhance 

Writing the learner assessment:  This must be tied directly back to the learning outcomes/objectives.  Examples of assessment methods for the knowledge and comprehension levels of learning levels include questions, review, discussion, test, reports, written exercises, demonstration, case study, solve problems, evaluate.

Learner Assessment
(Provide a clear statement of how the participants will demonstrate their attainment of the learning outcomes/objectives.  How will you measure this i.e., test, case study, discuss, group project, etc.)Before the end of the session, participants will:

Resumes of all speakers listed above illustrating knowledge on the proposed topic.
Program Outline