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Endowment for Parks & Recreation in NC
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Endowment for Parks & Recreation in NC


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The Endowment for Parks & Recreation in North Carolina was founded by NCRPA in 2000 to provide a perpetual source of income for the parks and recreation profession. The Endowment’s broad purpose mirrors our Association’s mission – to encourage and assist the advancement and development of recreation and park services in NC. This permanent fund, from which only the interest is used, generates an annual income stream to build a strong financial base for our current and future park and recreation needs in NC. It is not the intent of the Endowment for funds to be used to support NCRPA operating expenses. The Endowment is an important investment in our profession’s future Gifts from park and recreation professionals, friends and supporting businesses help the Endowment’s principal grow and produce more income each year. The NC Community Foundation professionally invests and administers the Endowment.

How will distributions be used?

Gifts, small and large, provide yearly interest income to fund projects that significantly serve the objectives of our profession. While we can’t predict the future, we do know there will be a need to have funds available to support the profession we love. Specific uses are listed below, but the possibilities are endless:
  • Projects dealing with trends or issues, facing the profession
  • Educational and marketing efforts
  • Projects benefitting the profession statewide
  • Special training programs or lectures
  • Mini-grants to local governments
  • Local, regional or statewide initiatives
  • Support of legislative and advocacy initiatives that affect parks and recreation
Note — Endowment funds will not be used for NCRPA operating expenses.

How can you support the Endowment?

Cash Gifts: The most convenient way of participating in the Endowment for Parks & Recreation in North Carolina is through cash gifts. Pledges may also be made over a period of years. 
Special Gifts can help capitalize the profession’s Endowment Fund. Memorial Gifts are a meaningful way to celebrate the life of a special family member, friend or professional. Honor Gifts may be given on special occasions or to commemorate a milestone and acknowledge or show appreciation for someone that is still living.
Appreciated Securities or Real Estate: Gifts of appreciated securities and real property may provide important tax advantages to donors, who have held assets for a long period of time. The full fair market value of such gifts may be deductible as a charitable contribution.
Life Insurance: The Endowment may be named as the owner and beneficiary of a previously existing or new life insurance policy. The donor receives an immediate tax deduction and all premium payments made by the donor thereafter may also be deductible.
Bequests through Wills and Estates Planning: Planned giving is an excellent way to make a meaningful gift to a cause you support and at the same time, receive tax and estate benefits. There are many ways for naming the Endowment for Parks & Recreation in North Carolina as a beneficiary in a will or estate. After providing for relatives and friends, a donor can choose to specify that a percentage, a specific amount, or all of the remaining assets be given to the Endowment. Through this process, the donor is able to achieve a lasting gift and also reduces the taxable portion of an estate.
Any of these methods of giving will help capitalize the Endowment and be tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Since the Endowment’s principal will never be sent, your gift will give back to the profession each and every year. Please consider how your gift can make a difference in providing for the future of parks and recreation in North Carolina.
For more information about the Endowment for Parks & Recreation in NC, please contact:
NCRPA (919) 832-5868 or