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Health-Easy Ideas
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Easy, quick ideas for a healthier agency now!

While large-scale projects are great, don't be discouraged if you don't have the resources to tackle a large project right away. Here are some easy things you can do to promote wellness if your agency right now:

Ideas for the community

  • Post wellness tips in community centers (you can even take them from the Wellness Bulletin).
  • Healthy snack day at community center (provide healthy snack to each participant, or work with your vending company to have a healthy food week).
  • Short health lesson with a healthy snack in afterschool programs.
  • Mini health fair (blood pressure checks, hearing screening, stress relief, healthy food samples) at community center.
  • Start monthly health newsletter, or add a wellness section to your existing newsletter.

Ideas for staff

  • Healthy food at staff meetings.
  • Start a staff walking club or weekly yoga lesson.
  • Fruit Fridays! Bring a different fruit to staff one Friday each month for a snack. Include a healthy recipe if you wish.
  • Get someone to come from the local hospital or health department to lead a staff training about nutrition.
  • Create or promote space for staff to eat lunch or take breaks outside, and/or utilize parks and greenways during breaks.
  • Add physical activity to staff meetings (aerobics, pick-up kickball, etc.), or even have the entire meeting while walking (works best for smaller groups)!
  • Staff bike to work day.
  • Pick up veggies from the farmer’s market (or harvest them from your garden) to share with staff.

Next Steps

Check out our Wellness Webinar: 10 Ways to Improve Wellness in Your Department Now!. You can also try one of the bigger ideas in the toolkit. Remember to share any projects you have completed with NCRPA!

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