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Wellness Bulletin December 22, 2014
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December 22, 2014 

Happy Holidays!

We all may have time off for the holidays, but that is no reason to take time off from a healthy lifestyle. Today’s blog will focus on some winter workout tips to stay motivated and inspired during the colder months. Feel free to share among your department and community to help keep everyone active during the festive winter season. The following workout and nutrition ideas are a great way to build unity among your department and bring together coworkers for fun activities.

Merrell’s Winter Workout Blog provides great starter tips to encourage staying active during the colder winter months. The first idea is to ask coworkers to join in a morning walk or jog. Make sure to pick a rewarding end to your workout, such as fresh fruit and bagels for the office or stopping by a local coffee shop. It is easier to be motivated by having workout companions and a treat to kick-start the work day. If you happen to have the work day-off, you can still plan to meet with coworkers in your local park and grab brunch at the end of the workout. This can also create more unity among the office, as well as have a healthy common goal.

Additionally, joining a holiday-themed race in your community is another idea. Reach out to your coworkers and explore different runs that you can register as an individual or with your entire department. Many of these events support local charities and raising money for a good cause is a great way to not let the cold stop you from being active and fit.  Once again, this helps with team building among the office and coming together during this festive season.

Another idea is to create an indoor morning workout circuit. If the conditions outside are icy and snowy then motivate your coworkers for a quick 25-30 minute morning or lunch workout. You don’t have to purchase heavy equipment to have an effective indoor workout. Easy circuit routines, such as core strengthening, lunges, squats, push-ups, and stretches can be still effective. You can easily find examples of workouts online, try this one for starters: 15-Minute Workout: Core Exercises.

Along with working out, set smart holiday nutrition goals, the following tips also provided by Merrell. Find a co-worker or friend to become accountable for each other. Find a manageable way to check in daily to let each other know if you have stuck to your goals. An easy way to keep track of eating is to keep a daily food dairy. It has been shown that those who keep a food diary, especially during the holiday season, are more likely to maintain healthy eating habits. December, continuing into January, is a good month to set monthly goals and to keep track of what you are eating and drinking. Lastly, plan your week or meals in advance. If you have multiple nights out or work parties approaching, then plan your healthy meals around these social occasions to balance your holiday nutrition. Be sure to stay hydrated and maintain a balance of fruit and vegetables among the sweet holiday treats.

I challenge all of you during the rest of December to engage yourself in healthy holiday eating practices and to exercise regularly. Set a goal to ring in the New Year, and maintain these holiday nutrition and exercise tips throughout the year for a healthy lifestyle. If you have any healthy eating ideas or exercise tips during the holiday season then please email us or submit them on the wellness site here: (,


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