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Wellness Bulletin November 23, 2015
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Happy Monday,

Thanksgiving is this week, and we all know that means good food and even better company! Gatherings are becoming more popular, whether if that’s celebrating with family or work. The endless amount of treats and desserts can challenge your commitment to healthy eating, but it can be managed! This week’s blog provides tricks and ideas to reduce calorie consumption without sacrificing all the treats. Feel free to share these ideas as you plan holiday gatherings and celebrations by using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!There are some easy and affordable options to encourage healthy eating habits during a party that can be easily implemented during holiday gatherings.

WebMD: Food and Recipes has 10 Healthy Holiday Party Tips to get you started! One easy step is using smaller plates and cups, which will result in smaller portions among the guest. Smaller plates will lend a hand in guest’s subconsciously reducing the amount of food intake during the meal; while smaller cups will downsize the portions of adult beverages and surgery drinks. Be sure to offer plenty of water for people to have a healthy and calorie-free drink option. Club soda is also a good and low in sugar solution to mix with alcoholic beverages. Need a health Thanksgiving dessert recipe? Eating Well website has Healthy Thanksgiving Cookies recipes that can be enjoyed by your guest or department! More healthy tricks and replacements can be found on the American Heart Association website. Additionally, check out our Local Produce page to get more healthy food options in the state of North Carolina. Read my blog for more ideas on creating a healthier holiday for everyone!

The Wellness Initiative wants to add more ideas among the Healthy Policy Ideas, so if you have any healthy eating party ideas or tips during the holiday season then please email us or submit them on the wellness site here: (,



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