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Wellness Bulletin Nov. 12, 2014
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November 12, 2014

This week’s bulletin introduces our next webinar, being held on Wednesday, November 19th, at 11:30am, with the topic “Reducing Obesity One Community at a Time through Systematic Assessment and Action,” led by Teresa Penbrooke. Teresa is a PhD student and research assistant in the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM) Department at NC State University.

The past bulletins have discussed the importance of generating more physical activity and healthy eating habits in our community. According to Teresa’s presentation research, 65% of adults are overweight or obese, and 17% of youth are obese. We all have heard these statistics before, so what is the next step? Teresa will provide some insight of how we can take action and go beyond documenting the physical resources and assets in our communities. The presentation will focus on how parks and recreation departments play a strong community role in generation and advocating cognitive, social, physical, and spiritual activities along with facilities.

So how can we contribute to the solution of reducing obesity and increasing physical activity? We help provide access to parks and recreation facilities for 80% of the American population. We facilitate opportunities for people to participate in active recreation. Part of our tasks is to inform and educate public about healthy lifestyle choices and to provide leadership to mobilize community and state wide initiatives. All of which are key components to generating wellness among your community. The webinar on the 19thwill be an exciting and informative conversation. It will identify methods of what should be evaluated in your community, and some steps needed to take action.

Remember, if you have any programming ideas to promote healthy eating and physical activity within your community then please email us or submit them on the wellness site here: (,

Link to Wednesdays, November 19thWebinar:


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