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Wellness Bulletin June 29, 2015
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Happy Monday!

July is only a couple days away! This year along with the National Recreation and Park Association we will be celebrating 30 years of Park and Recreation Month. This is a great time to recognize and share that parks were created to serve the people, giving them a place to exercise, come together, enjoy nature and lead a healthier life.

My current blog discusses the challenge proposed by the The National Recreation and Park Association. For the month of July NRPA is bringing back the 80’s by challenging the nation to rock Park and Recreation Month 80’s-style. Just to spark some inspiration, some ideas can include aerobic/dance party, a pick-up basketball game 80’s style, or a roller skating party at a local rink! To read how NCRPA is putting their own twist to the NRPA challenge, please read my blog.

Let’s become part of the NRPA challenge and add our own NCRPA flair to it! If you have any ideas about the #MeinMyPark Challenge with 1980’s theme, then please email us or submit them on thewellnesssite here: (,


Colleen Dougherty
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