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Wellness Bulletin June 15, 2015
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Happy Monday!

Summer is officially six days away, and youth summer programs are beginning to kick-off. During this busy time of the year, it is important to consider offering snacks that are both healthy and well-liked by the children during youth programs. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) acknowledges the health of today’s school and youth programs continues to improve, but there is more progress to be made. Currently, the Smart Snacks in School have helped ensure kids are offered tasty and nutritious foods during the school day. Some of the food requirements include a “whole grain-rich” grain product, or have as the first ingredient a fruit, vegetable, a dairy product or a protein food.

My current blog discusses how these healthy food guidelines can be brought into youth summer programs to maintain a consistent message throughout the year. However, as we enter summer months sometimes it is easy to resort to the fast and less healthy options for youth programs. To read more information on snack ideas and healthy eating resources, please read my blog.

Remember, the Wellness Webinars will start back up in August. To gather more information on how the Wellness Initiative can improve the offerings for the Wellness Webinar, please take this quick survey: We appreciate any feedback because ultimately it helps us serve your needs better.

As recreation and park leaders in the community, it is important to continue to share and implement a healthy lifestyle from active living to eating healthy. If you have any snack ideas or healthy eating programs, then please us or submit them on the wellness site here:(,

Happy healthy eating!


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