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Organizational Change 

At the April 2015 meeting of the NCRPA Board of Directors, members of the Organization Review Committee shared their review process and recommendations for changes to the board and organizational structure. Following the presentation and vibrant discussion, the board unanimously adopted the following recommendations to be implemented for 2017.

  • Create a NCRPA Board of Directors comprised of 5 board members.
  • Establish a nominations process for selection of board members and eliminate elections.
  • Align committees with function – board verse staff supported committees
  • Incorporate the activities of Sections under the larger group of professional development and review the structure, along with role of Regions.

Dale Video from NC Recreation & Park Association on Vimeo.



Since the adoption in April, five groups comprised of 45 members and board members have been working to establish the roles and responsibilities of board members, committees and regions and recommend changes to our current bylaws and manual of procedures. All groups are working towards the goal of completion in the Spring of 2016 and implementation of the nomination process this Summer to determine board members for 2017.

Updates and Supporting Documents