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Executive Director Message
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Executive Director's Message

Dear Friends:

As Executive Director of NCRPA, I am pleased to welcome you to our website. Members have been requesting a website which will allow individuals to pay online for such things as memberships, conferences, workshops and other special events. This website  offers that and more. We hope you will take advantage of all the resources it offers.  With over 2,400 members, we are the largest organization promoting park and recreation issues in the state of North Carolina. Whether its athletics, therapeutic recreation, culturally diverse programs, conservation, citizen advocacy board training, or any of the other various program areas NCRPA members’ work in, we try to keep them advised and updated on issues and programs that affect their delivery of quality services.


2011 will offer it share of both opportunities and challenges and as a profession we must prepare ourselves to deal with both in a way that will not only be a credit to ourselves but to the many people we serve throughout our state. Recent changes in both Raleigh and Washington need to be monitored on a regular basis so that you and the citizens you serve are aware of possible changes to current programs we all value. We at NCRPA will do our best to keep you informed of actions that either have a positive or negative effect on parks and recreation in our state and nation.        


NCRPA is always looking for ways to better promote and advocate for better park and recreation opportunities in our state. As a member, you are part of that effort. I would encourage you to do all you can to better both yourself and your chosen profession by becoming involved in a committee, region or section of NCRPA. It could be as simple as making a phone call to advocate for a valued program or more demanding by answering the call to run for a state office. Regardless of the challenge, we are only as good as our combined efforts.


Like many others, our profession has recently faced its share of obstacles and challenges, but we remain dedicated and committed to providing quality park and recreation services to the citizens of our local communities, plus the many visitors to our state.  I have been proud of our Association’s past and based on the support of many of our current members, I believe our future is in good hands. Allow me to invite you to become an active part of your Association. For ways to become involved or just to find out more about NCRPA, feel free to call or drop me an email.


Best Wishes,

Mike Waters, CPRP
Executive Director