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Wellness Bulletin April 4, 2016
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April 4, 2016

Happy Monday,

As we enter into April, the rainy weather can damper any spring-eager moods and may even prevent your daily workout! Don’t let the rainy weather interrupt your workout routine. My current blog provides ways to work around the weather and stay on track with your spring and summer goals. In fact, according to the Daily Health Post, studies have proven that runners working out in the rain have higher levels of oxygen consumption and overall more calories burned than participants working out in dry conditions. There are plenty of options and opportunities to plan your workout in rainy weather, so get creative and have some fun. Please read my blog for more information regarding working out in the rain.

Remember the Recre8’s 5k registration is up and running (no pun intended)! The race will take place on Saturday, April 16, at 12 locations across North Carolina. NCRPA is challenging your department to get actively involved and find a location near you to participate! Even if your department is not directly hosting, the race is still important for you to be involved in one way or another. The NC Recre8 5k is helping promote parks and recreation on a statewide level, and the funds raised will support the advancement of recreation in our state. So please help increase awareness and become involved simply by participating on April 16th! Create a running team within your department and make it a day to remember. Click the following link for more information and select a race location by you:

If you have any suggestions regarding working out in the rain, then please email us or submit your ideas on the wellness site here: (,



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