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ADW Call for Presentations
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ADW Call for Presentations

The committee welcomes all submissions, but has identified the 4 below categories as priorities for this year’s event. Please contact if you have any questions!

Sports Safety and Equipment Management - Share your knowledge or leading industry research on the newest equipment, techniques and practices that help make youth and adult sports safer and welcoming to all participants. 

 Responding to Crisis – Conflict Management to Emergency Action Plans - What do you do during a crisis? From fistfights and unruly parents to mother nature how does your department deal with crisis during a athletic event. Looking for presentation on conflict management and emergency action plans. 

Economic Impact - A simplistic approach on how to figure out the economic impact that our athletic events/facilities have on our communities. We are looking for something that we can do ourselves without the help of a Chamber of Commerce. We would like someone to provide us with an easy formula we can use to see how we affect our communities in terms of dollars and cents. How do we gather this information and tells us where we get the numbers from. Once you collect the information what do you do with it? How does having this information benefit our departments?  

How to increase Revenue – Please be our how to guide on how to increase our revenue for our departments. We are looking for creative staffing and funding options that will help us increase our bottom lines. How do you address fees for residents and non-residents? Do sponsorships or partnerships play apart? We would like have a brain storming session included in this presentation.

Business Plans and Best Practices – How do we incorporate the business world into recreation services? The purpose of this session is to provide a how-to guide to facilitate the development of a simple but effective business plan with limited resources. How will having this plan benefit our departments? What components are needed in a business plan? How many years should your business plan cover?

Health Promotions – In athletics it’s not only about soccer and baseball anymore as our youth have become obese how do incorporate health and wellness into our programs? How do we get our youth and families to participate in our health promotion programs? What has been successful?