September 2nd, 2014

Hello everyone! Let me start off by introducing myself to the readers out there. My name is Colleen Dougherty, I am joining NCRPA’s team as their second graduate assistant made possible by a partnership with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation, NC State University and NCRPA. Relocating from the Great Lakes state, Michigan, I am beyond excited to pursue my Masters of Recreation Management at NC State University under the mentorship of Dr. Myron Floyd. The next two years I will be coordinating the Wellness Initiative and aiding in various exciting projects alongside the staff at NCRPA. Erin blazed a path of opportunity and promise by dispersing information regarding wellness and public health to the community. My goal is to continue her hard work and supply a wealth of resources to help empower parks and recreation agencies in North Carolina to create healthy communities through the development of programs, policies, and infrastructure that support healthy eating and physical activity.

Why am I interested in the Wellness Initiative? “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” This quote, stated by Jackie Robinson, exemplifies my motivation to empower lives by sharing and implementing information for maintaining an active and nutritional lifestyle. Playing on the Loyola University Chicago Women’s Soccer team as an undergrad, and devoting my summer months at Camp Walt Whitman, a co-ed camp located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, has led me to appreciate the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. Post-graduation, I spent a year in New York City, employed by an independent athletic organization. Working directly with after-school programs, our objectives were to coach fair sportsmanship, and promote healthy eating among the children. Afterwards, I found myself back in my hometown, Novi, MI, working for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services. My tasks were to develop and promote youth events and sports. These significant life experiences have guided me towards pursuing what I am passionate about and my desire to be part of the parks and recreation community. Both my athletic and professional involvements have given me tools to thrive in a growing industry, coinciding with being the best version of myself.

It is an exciting time and honor to be working for NCRPA and representing NC State University. I cannot wait to grow under their leadership and to reach out to the community with our Wellness Weekly Bulletin. Thank you for a warm welcome, I am looking forward to our time together during the months ahead!


Colleen Dougherty
Graduate Assistant, NC Recreation & Park Association
883 Washington St, Raleigh, NC  27605 


North Carolina Recreation and Park Association
883 Washington St, Raleigh, NC 27506


The NCRPA Wellness Bulletin is supported by
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation 
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