October 16, 2014

The fall season is well underway with the days getting a little bit shorter and cooler! The past
couple topics we discussed ways to keep your community active and engaged, but what are some ways to eat healthy when the seasons start changing? Studies have indicated that we eat about 200 more calories per day during the fall months. It is important to stay physically active but also focus on healthy eating habits to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

The first step is to watch what you eat throughout the day. According to Active’s 7 Ways to Stay Healthy This Fall, studies have indicated by eating breakfast in the morning can lower your calorie intake during the day and kick-start your metabolism. An example of a healthy meal can consist of oatmeal with blueberries. Oatmeal is a “whole” grain, and contains protein, soluble fiber, potassium, calcium and zinc, all great health benefits! Another morning option is Greek Yogurt. Greek Yogurt has 40 percent less sugar, 38 percent less sodium and twice the amount of protein compared to traditional yogurt.

Preparing your lunch or dinner will also allow for conscious health choices. Such as eating
more quantities of apples, pears, sweet potatoes or butternut squash, all in-season during the
fall months, will ultimately improve your health. These specific fruits and vegetables are low
in calories and loaded with nutrients. Locate your local farmer’s market to find these sources of
healthy foods. Purchasing from local farmers means not only fresh produce, but supporting your
community’s economy. You can refer back to the Local Produce guide on our website to access information regarding your community’s produce or view What’s in Season?for fruit and vegetable availability.

Lastly, portion control is another key factor.The Portion Plate is the newest tool to balance
eating and a healthy diet. The plate’s messages are simple: meals should consist of half fruit
and vegetables, and concentrate on eating more whole grains. One way to support community
wellness, especially in your workplace, is to include healthy food and beverage choices in
vending machines or cafeteria. Encourage your employees to bring healthy foods or provide
onsite fresh fruit or vegetables for healthy snacks. Water coolers or filtered water can help
employees avoid juices and soda, which are high in sugar.There are plenty of options to enjoy the food you eat while being health conscious. For more ideas you can refer to our Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Programs page. Happy fall!


Colleen Dougherty
Graduate Assistant,NC Recreation & Park Association
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